In the latest episode of the Lift Podcast, I sit down with Salome Delali Atiglah, a seasoned HR professional from one of the Big 4 companies, to unravel the secrets of the HR world. Salome’s wealth of experience and expertise in recruitment, performance management, and addressing streetism in Ghana provide valuable insights for job seekers, aspiring HR professionals, and business owners alike.

“Performance management is the compass that guides successful performance appraisals.” – Salome Delali Atiglah

The Hiring Process:

Recruitment is a critical function within HR, and Salome sheds light on the best practices to be hired as a top talent. She emphasizes the importance of a well-structured and well-written CVs with the right keywords. Salome advises the HRs leverage on technology for streamlined candidate assessments to foster a fair and efficient hiring process, therefore using the right keywords that speak to what your skillset and experience are in relationship to the job requirement is necessary for being selected by the system as a match to the advertised role.

Performance Management:

Performance management is an essential element in driving organizational success, and Salome provides valuable insights into creating an effective system. She emphasizes the significance of goal setting, ensuring that objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Regular feedback and communication between managers and employees are crucial to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and recognize achievements. Salome highlights the importance of development planning, which involves creating opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth.

Addressing Streetism in Ghana:

Apart from recruitment and performance management, Salome also shares her experiences in addressing streetism in Ghana—an issue affecting vulnerable children living on the streets. Salome’s NGO,   provides education and vocational training opportunities for street children in Ghana. Salome’s insights shed light on how women can contribute to social causes and create a positive impact beyond their core operations.

Whether you’re a job seeker, an aspiring HR professional, or a business owner, the secrets unveiled in this episode will undoubtedly inspire you to enhance your skills and create positive change in the workplace.