Hi 👋, I am Lady Grace. Welcome to my virtual space!

My story is shaped by poverty, pain, people’s sacrifices, love and grace. It’s an endeavor to tear down barriers and build a community of women achievers, to facilitate personal growth, promote good leadership, and provide transparency and accountability in financial management through quality audit. My story is a tale of grace, determination and resilience, where every obstacle is met with unwavering hope and a commitment to spread love and hope to others. On this site, I share a variety of resources designed to enhance our lives and bring us inspiration and hope.

I am an experienced Certified Public Accountant (CPA USA), Chartered Accountant (ACCA UK) and a member of Institute of Chartered Accountant Ghana (ICAG), and an Audit Manager in New York City with a demonstrated history of about 9 years’ experience working as an auditor. A founder at Lift Women Global, an organization uplifting ladies and children from the many challenges they face in society, and a founding member and Associate Director at The Gracedlife Leadership Centre, an organization raising principled change-driven servant leaders to pioneer Africa’s development and transformation.

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“Like stars illuminating the night sky, I believe we are here to radiate brilliance across the realms of work and life, casting strength, grace and excellence upon every path we tread, our past-present-future coming together as a masterpiece that will echo through time to the praise of the glory of our Creator who made us unique, created us in His image and likeness, to love and to rule, to learn and to live.”

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